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Successful Rig Move to Mozambique
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Successful Rig Move to Mozambique

Aug 14, 2019 | Company News, Latest Updates, Projects

HiLOG has successfully completed the export of a disassembled onshore drilling rig to Mozambique.  Our scope of work included:

  • receiving the cargo into Mombasa yard,
  • storing and handling out,
  • export customs and documentation,
  • shunting,
  • port operations,
  • vessel chartering.

The dissembled rig consisted of a total of 206 pieces, weighing up to 2,321 MT and a volume of 15,144 CBM. Among which, the heaviest piece was 58MT, and the longest piece 22.30m. The yard was carefully selected to ensure that the whole rig could be stored on the ground with no stacking whilst every component could be accessed at any time, in addition to having a strong and level surface, high-level security and direct access to the port.

This project has also been featured on the Project Logistics Alliance website, you can read more here:

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