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HiLOG Proudly Sponsors Team Jeepers Creepers in the Rhino Charge
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HiLOG Proudly Sponsors Team Jeepers Creepers in the Rhino Charge

Jun 16, 2023 | Company News, Latest Updates, News

The Rhino Charge, one of Kenya’s most exhilarating motor sporting events, recently captivated participants and spectators alike as it took place in the picturesque region of Samburu. 

Heavy Industry Logistics (HiLOG) was proud to be one of the sponsors of Team 27, also known as Jeepers Creepers. The team faced the formidable challenge of the course head-on, conquering the difficult terrain and securing a commendable 26th place overall. However, the team’s achievement extended beyond their positioning on the leaderboard.

Jeepers Creepers’ Remarkable Contribution:

Team Jeepers Creepers raised a staggering KES 1,237,430, demonstrating that the Rhino Charge is not solely about adrenaline-fueled adventure. All funds raised are donated to the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, an organisation committed to preserving and protecting Kenya’s wildlife and their habitats. HiLOG’s sponsorship played a role in helping the event raise a total of KES 173 million (approximately US$ 1.23 million), contributing to the Trust’s vital conservation work.

HiLOG’s Expertise and the Rhino Charge:

Sponsoring a car at Rhino Charge is a perfect fit for HiLOG’s expertise where we navigate challenging environments as part of our daily operations. As the Rhino Charge competitors manoeuvred through rugged landscapes, HILOG excels in providing innovative solutions for heavy industry logistics, overcoming obstacles and delivering exceptional results. The Rhino Charge embodies the spirit of resilience and problem-solving, found within the HiLOG team!

Looking Ahead:

President William Ruto attended the closing ceremony where he pledged to establish an endowment fund to support Rhino Ark’s work, ensuring the event’s impact reaches far beyond its races. 

As the dust settles on another successful Rhino Charge, we want to congratulate everyone involved in making this another successful event!

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