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At HiLOG we take our responsibilities to our employees, wider community and environment very seriously.  Health and safety is at the core of everything we do.  All our operations are carried out with rigorous health and safety procedures in mind, underpinned by a culture of continuous professional development.  The HiLOG team is committed to high quality service delivery provided in the safest and most effective way.  Communication is key, within the team and to our customers and is a core ethos for HiLOG.  Each member of our team understands their HSE responsibilities as they relate to protecting themselves, their colleagues and equipment and feels confident to identify, report and act upon issues as they arise.

We aim to not only meet local and international laws and policies but to exceed them by seeking out best practice and incorporating it into our standard operating procedures.  These are then rolled out  through regular training and development.

You can view or download a selection of our policies here:

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