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A Big Start to the New Year: A Major Camp Mobilisation
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major camp mobilisation

A Big Start to the New Year: A Major Camp Mobilisation

Feb 7, 2024 | Company News, Latest Updates, Projects

As Heavy Industry Logistics (HiLOG) ushered in the new year, we embarked on a major camp mobilisation project, setting the stage for what promises to be another successful year.

The Challenge

Our team was tasked with the mobilisation of a camp, consisting of a substantial quantity of equipment to Djibouti, Ethiopia. The mobilisation included 409 pieces of flat pack camp units, totalling 8,583.0 cubic metres. This operation was not just about scale; it involved meticulous planning and precise execution to ensure every piece reached its destination intact and on schedule.

The Execution

The first phase of the operation saw the units loaded onto the MV BEAUTRIDENT, a task that demanded precision and care. Alongside this, we managed the loading of 92 x 40’ Shipper Owned Containers (SOCs) onto the MV LORI. The success of this operation hinged on several critical tasks, all expertly handled by the HiLOG team:

  • Re-certification of All SOCs: Ensuring compliance and safety standards were met. Our team oversaw the re-certification process, guaranteeing that each container was ready.
  • Managing All Export Customs Approvals: Navigating the complexities of export customs, our team secured all necessary approvals, ensuring a seamless transition from land to sea.
  • Shunting SOCs to Port: We efficiently shunted the SOCs to the port, aligning perfectly with the vessel’s cut-off time. Our close monitoring and follow-up ensured all 92 containers were loaded onto the same vessel.
  • Live Shunting Operation: The round-the-clock live shunting operation for the flat packs to the under-hook for direct loading was a demonstration of our commitment to meeting tight deadlines.
  • Re-stowage Planning Assistance: Collaborating closely with the vessel owner, we provided assistance in re-stowage planning, highlighting our knowledge and experience of vessel operations and different cargo types.
  • Supplying Tarpaulins for Weather Deck Units: Understanding the nuances of maritime transportation, we supplied tarpaulins for the units loaded on the weather deck, ensuring their protection against the elements.
  • Booking Ocean Freight for the SOCs: Our comprehensive service included securing ocean freight booking for all 92 SOCs on the same vessel, a crucial aspect of the client’s requirements.


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The Outcome

Our coordinated efforts ensured that all SOCs shipped on the same vessel, now en route to Djibouti via Colombo. MV Beautrident, transporting the flat packs, has safely arrived in Djibouti, marking a seamless and efficient operation from start to finish.

Client Feedback

Our client, RA International, expressed their gratitude for our handling of this complex operation. We take immense pride in this acknowledgement, as it reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional logistics solutions. We extend our best wishes to RA International for the successful installation of the camp at their upcoming project in Ethiopia.

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