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Logistics Support for African Energy Sector Transformation
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Energy Sector Logistics

Logistics Support for African Energy Sector Transformation

Jul 5, 2022 | News

In Kenya, the spotlight has recently been on the expansion of sustainable energy, as discussed at the Sustainable Energy Conference highlighting the importance of renewable energy and the need for more funding to expand the generation of clean electricity.  Africa, with 17% of the global population, accounted for only 3.1% of the over 26,823 terawatt-hours of electricity generated, and 3.3% of the primary energy consumed globally in 2020, according to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy “In this Decade of Action to attain the Sustainable Development Goals, Africa’s energy situation calls for ambitious and pragmatic measures, otherwise the continent will be left further behind by 2030” states the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa As the world moves away from reliance on fossil fuels, driven by environmental and geopolitical imperatives the main sources of energy in East Africa will come from natural gas and renewable sources, whether that be geothermal, hydropower, solar or biomass. Power plants and sub-stations will be needed to collect, transform and distribute power to the national grid and local communities. This requires a lot of heavy equipment, much of which will need to be imported, such as transformers, engines, generators and accessories. 

HiLOG: Energy Sector Logistics Partner for Africa

Heavy Industry Logistics recognises Africa’s climate ambitions and the imperative drive towards achieving net zero emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. As an organisation with decades of experience in Africa, we also know that the African continent’s energy transition needs to be different to that of the rest of the world and that imaginative and pragmatic solutions are required.  This is where HiLOG, your powerful sustainable energy logistics infrastructure partner, can assist. Our past projects in the renewable and power and energy sectors have included the movement of high and heavy cargo and numerous containers, of all types, for renewable energy projects in geothermal, hydropower, solar and biomass. The movement of power plants and sub-stations require meticulous planning, from route surveys and site visits to chartering vessels and positioning on plinths. 

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