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Across Africa these industries represent growth, positivity and opportunities. Whilst they are individually different they are all inter-linked and ultimately achieve the same ideals: improved economies, livelihoods and more opportunities for everyone. As each project is completed we can see the evidence of progress. Each project offers us its own unique challenge: every piece of project cargo has to be handled individually and has different requirements and priorities. These are the kind of challenges that drive the team at HiLOG.


One of HiLOG’s core industries. The directors have more than 20 years-experience of handling oil and gas projects across Africa and the CIS regions. We are passionate about guiding our clients and these super-sized lifecycle projects from early seismic and exploration operations through to production. As a wholly project management company, HiLOG establish and manage the whole logistics supply chain in line with the client’s operational requirements and deadlines.


Africa and Turkey are synonymous with mining. HiLOG has shipped and delivered mining equipment all over Africa and for a variety of different clients. Each year we are responsible for moving 100’s of pieces of heavy earth moving equipment such as excavators, dump trucks and wheel loaders, as well as infrastructure equipment for the processing end of the cycle.


Across East Africa HiLOG have been involved, since their inception, in these two permanent and ongoing industries. Equipment used in the infrastructure and construction sectors share many similar characteristics with those used for excavating and earth moving in the mining sector. This means we have huge experience in moving large and heavy machines via multiple modes of transport across the world and specifically Africa.


HiLOG are committed to assisting project owners, EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and their subcontractors to deliver the best services and solutions for developing green energy projects. Our projects have included moving high and heavy cargo and numerous containers, of all types, for renewable energy projects in geothermal, hydro power, solar and biomass.

As the world moves away from reliance on fossil fuels, the main sources of energy in East Africa, and globally, will come from renewable resources, and HiLOG is your trusted on the ground logistics partner.


All roads lead here. Whether geothermal, hydro, nuclear or another energy source. Power plants and sub-stations are required in order to collect, transform and distribute power to the national grid and local communities. This means a lot of heavy equipment to be imported such as transformers, engines, generators and accessories.

At HiLOG we love big and heavy cargo movements. Meticulously planned, from route surveys and site visits to chartering vessels and positioning on plinths. As usual, safety is paramount when handling this type of equipment; with HiLOG you will receive risk assessments and journey management plans as standard.

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