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Heavy Cargo Solutions

Aug 6, 2022 | Company News, Latest Updates

In June 2022, Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd (HiLOG) successfully delivered 10 packages from Mombasa port to Serengeti Breweries in Moshi, Tanzania. Out of the 10 packages, 4 were 5.75m wide and up to 4.35m high. They, therefore, required an advanced route survey and extra low lowbeds to avoid the numerous overhead cables. 

HILOG was also responsible for organising transport, all permits, police escorts and mobilization of the TANROADS mobile weight bridge at the Holili border post. This is in addition to all port handling and customs clearance in Tanzania. Accompanying the out-of-gauge loads there were also 77 x 40’HC containers.

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We thrive on finding solutions for your heavy cargo movement needs. Finding the safest means possible to reach your required destination. Our experienced team members are with you throughout from planning, and route surveys to handling customs clearance.

We offer and deliver solutions to help ensure your project’s success. Contact us to learn more about our project logistics services: | |

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