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Expertise in Motion: Heavy Industry Logistics’ Pioneering Projects
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Expertise in Motion: Heavy Industry Logistics’ Pioneering Projects

Dec 6, 2023 | Company News, Latest Updates, News, Projects

At Heavy Industry Logistics (HiLOG), we pride ourselves on our exceptional capability to manage complex logistics challenges in the heavy industry sector. Our recent projects demonstrate our proficiency and commitment to delivering seamless logistics solutions, regardless of the cargo’s size or destination.

Navigating the Waters: VIP Taxi Boat Transportation

One of our recent projects involved the transportation of four VIP taxi boats from Mombasa, Kenya, to Bukavu on Lake Kivu’s Southern shores in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These colossal boats, each measuring 23 metres in length, 4.7 metres in width, and 3.9 metres in height, and weighing 40 metric tonnes, journeyed an impressive 1,950 kilometres by road. This operation showcased our comprehensive range of services. We oversaw every aspect of the project – from supervising the vessel discharge and staging in Mombasa to managing customs procedures in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Our team ensured the safe transport of these giants with precision and care, coordinating lashing, permits, and escorts, including police escorts. 

Powering Progress: Transformer Delivery

Another recent project in collaboration with our partners in India, involved the reception and delivery of two 83-ton transformers. This project required meticulous planning and execution, as the transformers were transported to a site on the outskirts of Bujumbura, Burundi. Upon arrival, our expert logistics team skillfully positioned the transformers onto their plinths using jacking and skidding techniques. This operation not only showcased our proficiency in handling heavy cargo but also our ability to navigate complex bureaucratic processes to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Commitment to Excellence

These projects are a testament to HiLOG’s dedication to providing top-tier logistics services. Our team’s expertise in handling oversized and heavy cargo, combined with our commitment to precision, safety, and regulatory compliance, makes us a trusted partner in the heavy industry logistics sector. Whether it’s navigating challenging terrain or dealing with intricate customs procedures, we are equipped to manage every aspect of logistics with unparalleled efficiency.

Your Logistics Partner

At HiLOG, we understand that each logistics challenge is unique. We are committed to delivering customised solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our recent projects demonstrate our ability to handle the most demanding logistics tasks. Trust us to take your logistics to the next level with our unrivalled expertise and dedication.

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