Project management logistics & special services


Project management is the heart of HiLOG! It is what everything else we do revolves around.

As a non-asset based logistics company, our focus is putting together a bespoke package of solutions to manage the movement of our clients equipment from ex-factory to delivered site, be it one shipment or many, combining some, or in most cases, all services that we also offer separately.

In the beginning this will start with the planning and budgetary phase and continue through process / risk analysis, strategy, implementation and execution.


Strict Policies for Quality Assurance - including Health, Safety and Environment:


Health, safety and the environment are of the utmost importance to all our operations. A project is not a success unless it has been completed incident free. HiLOG has strict policies on each of these key issues and all management, staff and subcontractors are made aware.


A Project Management structure ensuring a first-hand, accurate and up to date information flow:


For every operation the project manager is ultimately responsible. Project Managers are available 24/7-365 throughout the whole project lifespan. They act as the direct liaison to the client, ensuring that our client is continuously receiving first hand, accurate and up to date information. Every project also has a shadow to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.


A first class contractor network accumulated from over 15 years of experience in global logistics project management:


As a non-asset based logistics and project management company, contractors  play a key role in all aspects of ensuring a successful operation: right from planning through to final execution.

As the project  managers, it is critical to ensure we are selecting the right  contractor for the particular job in hand. We work with a handful of contractors, carefully selecting the ones that meet the criteria required for the particular project.

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