Freight forwarding, chartering & road transport


Unlike many logistics companies, especially multi-nationals, we are not tied into any “preferred supplier agreements”. This allows us to search the market on each individual shipment to ensure we find you the most time efficient and cost effective solution.

Whether it be heavy lift, out of gauge project cargo or a 20’ container of parts, a loose consignment via break bulk or a hazardous shipment of chemicals, we have the contacts, the industry knowledge and experience to handle your freight smoothly from anywhere in the world, door to door.

The full suite of services we offer include:

  • Airfreight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Air / Sea Combination
  • Chartering – air & ocean
  • Road Transport
  • Cross border trade
  • Hand Carry
  • Coastal Tramp Service

We foster a strong network of contractors and agents to secure our clients' up time and project success:


In every industry where there is production, be that oil & gas, mining or quarrying, renewable energy, power etc., every link in the production chain is vital. Even the failure of a seemingly small, insignificant part or item of machinery could have a drastic impact on the operation, resulting in reduced production, or complete shutdown, until it is repaired or replaced. Our international freight forwarding operations are supported by our global network of agents. They assist us in services at origin / destination and also bring options on carriers and schedules. We have made these contacts over many years, and have therefore been able to handpick the best to compliment our services.


Competitive rates and flexibility to offer the specific level of service required for each project - from a few kilos to several tons of out of gauge equipment:


Whether the cargo is a 50 kg box or several tons and over length, we have the experience and knowledge to handle such shipments, smoothly from door to door. Our strong relationship with a wide range of carriers, including passenger and freighter services, allows us to obtain competitive rates, and achieve a high “Flown as Booked” success rate.

The beginning or end of any movement will most likely be a road section. We only work with carefully selected carriers that are the top of their field i.e. heavy lift carriers, pipe carrying specialists or standard containers hauliers. This allows us to focus on the overall coordination of your shipment, whilst confident that we have a competent partner running well maintained vehicles to ensure smooth collection or delivery of your equipment.

As an agent, we are receiving preferential rates from our transport partners so we offer highly competitive rates. We will also arrange transport to / from many of Kenya’s neighboring countries, this includes permits where necessary as well as border customs clearance.

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