HILOG ventures into Zanzibar

HiLOG ventures into Zanzibar

HiLog has been contracted to deliver construction materials for the new 5-star hotel in Kendwa, Zanzibar.

According to our strategic plan of increasing services in the Tanzanian market, we are now moving construction materials which include steel and wall panels. The materials are for the development of a 5-star hotel owned by White Sands Beach Resorts Ltd in Zanzibar.

The transportation process began on December 2015 to date and we are shipping 2-3 containers per week to Zanzibar. The materials are collected from the manufacturer in Nairobi with the smaller loads being moved by road to Dar es Salaam via the Namanga border. While other materials are delivered to the port of Mombasa where all the customs, bookings and insurance are done.

We are fortunate to work with a client who knows his way in logistics. This makes collation of documents, loading schedules and shipping line schedule changes all very manageable to handle.

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