HiLog transports heavy plant equipment to Tanga

HiLog transports heavy plant equipment to Tanga

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming an increasingly attractive investment frontier. However, understanding of the state of infrastructure at a country level will be critical in order to mitigate potential risks. Tanzanian roads, for example, can indeed be prohibitive for any heavy-weight freight if the right understanding and planning is not taken into consideration.

HiLog has an extensive network and knowledge of East African infrastructure and has again put this to proof. We moved the plant equipment required to Tanga, Tanzania.

The machines arrived on 6 different bills of lading, at different times and in different states of assembly, some full assembled and some knock down form. We handled the movement from vessel discharge through our preferential Container Freight Station (CFS) agreement, transport to Tanga, border crossing, import customs and we obtained all road permits from Kenya and Tanzanian road authorities.

In Tanzania we had to re-arrange 4 of the machines to bring the weights down so that we could abide by the rules and regulations that govern the Tanzania roads. We therefore provided 2 x 50T cranes at the CFS to facilitate this operation with assistance from the clients’ experienced field teams from Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania Roads (TANROADS) can be very difficult especially with the heavy machines hence causing delays and extra costs leading to quoting of much higher rates. We at HiLog we were able to deliver the machines safely and we will be contracted to also move the remaining 9 machines, arriving in Mombasa.

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